Rock Me Amadeus: Amadeus Capital Partners Achieves A 350% ROI With Okta

For 15 years, Amadeus Capital Partners has supported and funded more than 85 young technology companies. A commonality among Amadeus’ clients is that they utilise the connected world to drive innovation. Therefore, it’s logical that a company that advises fast-growing technology companies needed its own set of forward-thinking applications and integrated systems to stay organised and productive.

What started as simply deploying Dropbox for Business to better share content and documents turned into a proliferation of cloud apps within the organisation. The company soon realised it also needed a system to centrally manage employees’ identities. We sat down with Rob Butterworth, IT Manager at Amadeus Capital Partners, to hear how Okta has helped the company reduce the administrative tasks by IT, increase end-user productivity and maximise security benefits.

What challenges did you face before implementing Okta?

We decided to explore identity management solutions when we realised employees were using personal Dropbox accounts for collaboration with portfolio companies. One challenge that became apparent was that the space in those individual accounts was running out and I got several requests for the purchase of additional space.

Rather than continue the use of personal accounts, we looked at bringing Dropbox for Business on board as a supported solution. One of our main reasons for bringing Okta on board was that we didn’t have a separate set of identity details for people to log in with, and for IT to have to manage.

Why did you choose Okta for your identity management solution?

We went through a procurement process and evaluated another cloud-based identity management provider, but we ultimately chose Okta because it was significantly easier to implement than the other options available. We’ve been working together since November 2011, and in that time we’ve been able to manage end-user identities and avoid the rogue IT scenarios that would often arise.

We really appreciated the minimal management required of the Okta platform. On boarding new applications is extremely easy, and the platform is a very low overhead from an IT point of view. If we do have any issues, Okta support is among the best I’ve experienced from a technology company in the last 20 years.

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve seen since implementing Okta?

Okta has reduced IT admin time that is typically spent manually provisioning new applications to existing employees. We’ve also seen a reduced number of help desk ticket requests for lost passwords and URLs with Okta. Perhaps the most significant benefit is that we require only one IT person to manage it all.

Our employees are much more efficient, and single sign-on has nearly diminished password-related issues. Okta’s mobility management solution also helps us to use single sign-on to access our work on the go, increasing productivity away from the office. We have also seen a huge benefit from the multi-factor authentication solution, Okta Verify, to significantly reduce the risk of a security breach and easily deploy second factor authentication without any effort whatsoever.

What long-term impact will Okta have on Amadeus?

Okta allows us to be much more confident that we’re complying with our regulatory requirements without significantly stressing the constrained resource of IT. The numbers speak for themselves – a more than 350% return on investment in less than one month is bound to leave a lasting impact for Amadeus.

To hear the rest of our conversation with Rob, check out Amadeus’ customer testimonial page or the interview below.