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Event Summary

Okta City Tour Singapore will be held on Wednesday June 29, 2022 in-person and online.

Think about your identity and the future of your business at Okta City Tour Singapore.

Nowadays, identity is entering a new phase. In the era, from "digital transformation (DX)" aiming at the transition to digital, to "digital first " premised on digital. As all businesses shift to AI (artificial intelligence) automation and hybrid clouds, the ideal form of employee and customer identities is changing.

At the Okta City Tour Singapore, we will introduce the voices of industry leaders and customers who actually use Okta in fields such as IT, security, and identity management, and approach the true value of identity in the digital age.

We know that this is a busy occasion, but we look forward to your participation.

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Identity 101

Forefront of identity

Aiming for Identity Management One Step Ahead-Customer Identity Management and Digital First Today



The voice of our customers

Customer success created with Okta


Digital transformation (DX) 2.0

What kind of innovation is required in a new era? Hear from our keynote speaker Dr. Ayesha Khanna


Ayesha Khanna
Co-Founder and CEO of Addo
Lance Alexander
Mediacorp Presenter, CNA938
Ned Lowe
Head of Engineering, Singlife with Aviva
Jensen Boey
Head of Engineering, Digital Product, SPHTech, SPH Media
Simon Piff
Vice President of Security Practice, IDC
Jayanth Rao
Sr. Partner Success Manager - APAC Global Financial Services Singapore, AWS
Thomas Kung
Head of Technology and Security Risk Management CISSP, CCSP, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, ISO22301 LI at Crypto.com
Richard Marr
Brett Winterford
Regional Chief Security Officer, APAC, Okta


Welcome and Opening Remarks



Scott Monro, Regional Vice President, South East Asia, Okta 


Keynote: Digital Transformation 2.0 - Innovation in an Era of Disruption

Having advised some of the world’s biggest firms (telcos, banks, logistics, retail, and healthcare) on their data-driven digital transformation, Dr. Ayesha Khanna offers actionable guidance on how to deploy AI and other new technologies in your organisation. Connecting powerful tech trends to value creation for your business and navigating the cultural change and bold leadership required. 


Dr Ayesha Khanna 

Identity-First is Business-First 

As cyber-attacks get more sophisticated, user identity has great potential to become the foundational technology across the security stack, serving as the centrepiece of enterprise cyber protection.

Organisations today have the opportunity to take an identity-first approach, centralise identity across all business functions, employees and customers, and enjoy unparalleled security and efficiency from the endeavour.

Join us at this panel to learn how leading enterprises in APAC achieve this. A senior IDC analyst will be present to give the audience an overview of the state of identity in the region, share key trends, and point the way forward for technology and security practitioners.

Singlife with Aviva will detail their identity use cases in a panel discussion with Brett Winterford, APAC Regional CSO for Okta, Jensen Boey Head of Engineering, Digital Product, SPHTech, SPH Media and IDC Asia Pacific’s Vice President Simon Piff. They will preview some exciting identity technologies and trends emerging over the horizon. The panel will be moderated by well-known TV and radio personality Lance Alexander


Lance Alexander, 
Mediacorp Presenter, CNA938


Brett Winterford, Regional Chief Security Officer, APAC, Okta

Thomas Kung, Head of Technology and Security Risk Management CISSP, CCSP, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP, ISO22301 LI at Crypto.com

Jensen Boey, Head of Engineering, Digital Product, SPHTech, SPH Media

Simon Piff, Vice President of Security Practice, IDC 

Ned Lowe, Head of Engineering at Singlife with Aviva

Networking Break

Keynote: Delivering Business Impact with CIAM

When does investing in security give you more than security? Answer: When it is CIAM, or customer identity and access management. 

A modern take on traditional IAM, CIAM goes beyond securing organisations’ customer interactions to give firms the ability to see and understand customer behaviour. This lays the foundation for e-commerce and loyalty programs, and gives companies valuable opportunities to conduct targeted marketing to their diverse customer base. 

Hear Richard Marr, Okta’s Head of CIAM in Asia Pacific, give a round-up of modern digital experiences in APAC, and how technology can enable them. How can enterprises move further with those technologies to set up a Zero Trust Framework?


Richard Marr, APAC CIAM Lead

John Lim, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

Fireside Chat: Power of Partnership: Better together: Okta and AWS

Power of Partnership:  Better Together - How we are working jointly with our specialist partners AWS to help our customers achieve their desired outcomes.


Jayanth Rao, Sr. Partner Success Manager - APAC Global Financial Services Singapore, AWS

Kenneth Devan, Area Sales Director, Okta

Ned Lowe, Head of Engineering at Singlife with Aviva

Closing Remarks

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