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Building a community of identity security leaders in APAC; a place to learn, share perspectives, best practices and discover trending insights.

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Putting the spotlight on Identity Security

IDentity spotlight is a publication created to build a community of identity security leaders in APAC; a place to learn, share perspectives and best practices and discover trending insights. 

In this issue, we hear from the CTO of the Australian Football League, Rob Pickering on his perspectives of the sporting scene in the digital space. Then we have Ben King, Global VP, Customer Trust at Okta who tells us the importance of earning users’ confidence in maintaining privacy in the online world. 

We’ve also taken the liberty to share a few customer success stories from known brands like NTUC Enterprise, Saitama Prefecture and Soul Machines, who have shared how the transformation of new-age security infrastructure has helped organisations improve operations and stay guard against fraudulent attacks.

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Identity Spotlight: Issue 01