Okta + Yubico

High-assurance authentication for organisations of any size or complexity

The Challenge


Credential phishing is a common way that attackers steal usernames and passwords to gain unauthorised access to your data


Passwords alone are not enough to secure your data – additional factors provide stronger identity assurance


Highly privileged roles such as IT administrators and executives need higher levels of security


Many organizations need to incorporate an additional security factor without requiring a mobile device

The Solution

Now, you can get started with phishing-resistant MFA in just minutes and stop account takeovers in their tracks using the new FIDO Pre-reg service. This service eliminates the need for admins to manually register keys for users, saving on time and costs. Yubico pre-registers users and delivers YubiKeys that are ready to go! Users enjoy secure access to their online accounts in minutes by simply entering a PIN and successfully authenticating to their online accounts, all without ever needing a password! FIDO Pre-reg is available through YubiEnterprise Subscription which delivers greater business agility with YubiKeys as a Service, lowering cost to entry.

Reduced IT burden

Administrators no longer need to register YubiKeys on behalf of their users or require users to self-enroll. This saves time and costs by eliminating the need to manually register security keys for each employee, one by one.

Simple and fast for users

Users receive YubiKeys that are pre-registered and no longer need to self-enroll, leaving them free to enjoy secure, passwordless access to their online accounts in minutes.

Accelerated business securely

FIDO Pre-reg is available through the YubiEnterprise Subscription program which delivers greater business flexibility and agility with a YubiKeys as a Service model, which lowers the cost to entry, and dramatically raises the bar for security.

Strong phishing-resistant MFA

Okta Adaptive MFA customers can leverage multiple authentication protocols available on the YubiKey to address varying use cases, protecting all users, from entry-level to executive, with robust and reliable authentication they can trust.


Okta Adaptive MFA and the YubiKey are both supported by a wide range of integrations across leading vendors in infrastructure and security, enabling the joint solution to work across devices and platforms.

Always On

Okta's Adaptive MFA adapts to specific risk levels of each authentication attempt; giving an organization continuous protection. Combining this with YubiKeys, which provide reliable hardware-backed security that is battery free and always on and accessible, organizations can rest assured that they have strong phishing-resistant requirements in place.

Secure Access

Okta Desktop MFA for macOS supports all FIDO2 YubiKey models (i.e., YubiKey 5 Series and Security Key Series by Yubico) for authenticating into Apple computers with online access, making the passwordless experience part of the secure access flow.

Okta and Yubico make strong authentication easy

  • Prevent and mitigate credential compromises 
  • Securely and easily authenticate with the YubiKey to Okta to access any enterprise application
  • High-assurance authentication method for organisations of any size or complexity