Okta + Yubico

High-assurance authentication for organisations of any size or complexity

The Challenge


Credential phishing is a common way that attackers steal usernames and passwords to gain unauthorised access to your data


Passwords alone are not enough to secure your data – additional factors provide stronger identity assurance


Highly privileged roles such as IT administrators and executives need higher levels of security


Many organizations need to incorporate an additional security factor without requiring a mobile device

The Solution


High-assurance authentication provided by the combination of the YubiKey Universal Second Factor (U2F) based security token and Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) policy framework


Strongest level of defence against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, while also delivering a simple and seamless user experience


Intelligent policies based on login context, like user, device, location, and network information


Okta and Yubico work together to make it simple for individuals teams and whole companies to incorporate strong authentication, no matter their device policy 

Strong, phishing-resistant authentication even for privileged roles

Protect all users, even administrators and executives with elevated access to sensitive data, with a dedicated physical device as the second factor.

Enhanced security via U2F

Additional layer of security for all organizational levels by adding strong hardware-based protection and seamless touch functions of the YubiKey factor to Okta’s Adaptive MFA solution.

MFA when a mobile device is not an option

The combination of Okta+YubiKey provides high-assurance authentication even for users who don’t have access or privileges to use mobile devices at work.

Okta and Yubico make strong authentication easy

  • Prevent and mitigate credential compromises 
  • Securely and easily authenticate with the YubiKey to Okta to access any enterprise application
  • High-assurance authentication method for organisations of any size or complexity