Okta + Yubico

Best-in-class strong authentication solutions for organizations of any size or complexity

The Challenge


Stolen login credentials - organizations face excessive and unacceptable exposure to security risks


Basic 2FA passwords alone are not enough to secure your data - additional factors are needed to provide stronger identity assurance


Organizations need a scalable and proven solution


Organizations may have more stringent requirements to prove satisfactory security protection to external audiences

The Solution

With Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), users are able to securely log in to Okta’s platform with a YubiKey using either the Yubico One Time Password (OTP) or FIDO2/WebAuthn protocols.

1. Intelligent

Layer YubiKey authentication on intelligent policies based on login context to prevent and mitigate credential compromised or unauthorized access.

2. Strong authentication

High-assurance authentication method for organizations of any size or complexity, combining adaptive authentication with hardware-backed FIDO2 to close the security gap. Organizations can securely and easily authenticate with the YubiKey to Okta to access any enterprise application.

3. ROI

There are additional benefits - from improved cost efficiencies, predictable spending, flexible YubiKey upgrades and turnkey delivery to corporate and residential addresses designed to accelerate your journey towards modern authentication and rapid protections for all your users. 

4. Modern

With YubiKey support, Okta Adaptive MFA customers can leverage multiple authentication protocols to address varying use cases, including phishing-resistant FIDO U2F and Yubico One Time Password (OTP) for secure access to resources. The YubiKey also acts as a PIV-compatible smart card if needed.

5. Compatibility

Okta Adaptive MFA and the YubiKey are both supported by hundreds of integrations across leading vendors in infrastructure and security, enabling the joint solution to work across devices, apps and services.

6. Always On

Okta Adaptive MFA and the YubiKey provide reliable, battery-free hardware-backed security, so it is always on and accessible.

How Okta + Yubico work together:

The YubiKey and Okta Adaptive MFA provide the strongest level of identity assurance and defense against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, while also delivering a simple and seamless user experience - all with just the touch of the device. YubiKey security keys can be used as the primary, step-up, or backup authentication method in conjunction with Okta Adaptive MFA, ensuring secure user access at all times.