Mike Dinsdale:  We have about 40 million people who have used DocuSign. Every single day we're adding about 75,000 people who have never seen the product before. We have customers all over the world. Really our mission is simple, empower the world to keep business digital. We believe that as a SaaS company we want to use the best tools. And the best tools are available as SaaS products. The challenge, of course, is how do you stitch them together and have one source of truth? And how do you have one place? And that's wheresomething like Okta comes in. I think the new CFO's about accelerating the business, providing the best tools and allocating resources to the places that will drive the value of the business the most but also be able to provide customers with all the different products. Again through applying the right resources to things that really are going to move the company forward from product perspective, move the company forward from the value creation for everybody.

When I think about justifying different expenses around technology buys, it's probably easier with me than others may experience. Because I believe in the theme. I believe that companies with the best people and that companies with the best technology and the people that understand how to leverage and get the most out of all their systems will win.

When we were initially looking at a solution and we started talking to the folks at Okta, we were also talking to some people at a company called Ping. And there was just a real big difference in how the two companies approached our requirements. So from the first meeting we had with Okta, Okta was all in and provided unbelievable service to get us going. It was basically the attitude of, "No matter what it takes we're going to make you successful." And the touchpoints over and over since our first deployment, which is I think about three years ago now, has been amazing. And it's been amazing to see the company continue to innovate and really start to define what it means to be an identity management company.

So when I think about the impact that Okta's had on IT, it's really around making things much simpler. So the idea with single sign on or being able to provision accounts and deprovision accounts and control who has access to applications as people come and as people leave, as people change roles. It just simplified the whole process of making sure everyone has the right access. Then when they're not suppose to have access anymore, they don't. So that's why we deploy two factor authentication now. So we make sure, "Hey you are who you say you are." You should be able to access all the applications no matter where you are. That's huge as well. No matter what computer I am on, I can access all the things to allow me to do the things I need to do. And we live in a mobile world. I don't know where I'm going to be. And I don't know which device I'm going to want to access the different applications from. So it's just made the job of IT around security and access to applications much, much, much easier.

Today we're a company of about 900. So we've gone through a huge expansion. Our requirements have changed. We have employees now not just in the US but we have employees all around the world. So a completely different company than we were. And Okta's been able to help us grow through all the various pain points we have as we become global, as we face different security requirements, as we face the explosion of mobile. So they've been a great partner working through the evolution of not only us as a company and our growth but also the changing world. We believe similar things at DocuSign that identity matters, identity's important, and keeping control and making sure the right people have access is incredibly important. It's a difficult problem but it's one that Okta's solved and it's solved in a way that's incredible valuable.

And I do think that any company today that has not deployed Okta needs to get moving. Because the world's moving fast and to be competitive and to be able to continue to accelerate your business you have to leverage the tools that matter and Okta helps you do that.

A company with about 900 employees, as well as 40 million users around the world, DocuSign knows that being successful means adapting to the changing world. Being a SaaS business, that also means more rigid security regulations and a bigger mobile scene. Okta has helped them grow through that with our Single Sign-On solutions, Multi-Factor Authentication, and so much more.