Claude Pierre:  Engie is providing individuals, cities, businesses with efficient and innovative solution in the energy market. We know that the world is constantly changing and we need to adapt the group. IT's are committed to transitioning from a multi local siloed organization to a more multi local globalized organization. We need to be close to our customers, close to our markets. But at the same time we want each and every unit to benefit from the expertise on the knowledge, which already exist in the world. Our ambition is to set up the global solution covering all the geographies enabling all applications to be accessed from anywhere, from any device in a simple, secure and user friendly experience.

Youssef  T.:  The solutions we implemented to address the collaboration need is based on Microsoft Office 365. The role of Okta solution in building this platform was to allow access to the platform be made the same way everywhere. Be made securely, and also Okta brings secure access with multi-factor authentication that is requested and is strongly required by our IT security officers. As we knew that we were expecting to have additional applications to be plugged to our identity and access platform, we thought it would be better to go for neutral solution. Doing the lab test and also we found that from the user standpoint, it was the best user experience actually.

Claude Pierre:  Today everything is mobile and our internal customers, our users, our excellent customers are using their mobile on a day to day basis. Mobile is free integrity to now strategy.

Youssef  T.:  They're all Okta's playing in the whole engine infrastructure actually is the entry point to our all global applications. So, of course it's key and it's becoming one of main assets. Integration of applications is quite easy and quite efficient. This allows our teams to be very responsive in terms of implementing new technologies.

Claude Pierre:  Okta was the platform fitting our key criteria, being able to be global, being able to go fast, being able to deal with future challenges for Engie.


As an international energy company, Engie seeks to be closer to all their markets and customers, as well as assist their employees around the world. Their goal is to have their needed tools and applications available anywhere in the world, particularly through EMM. Okta continually helps them make that a reality, made secure with Multi-Factor Authentication.