News Corp



Dominic Shine:  News Corp is a large global media organisation. We have over 25,000 people worldwide working in news, book publishing, real estate, digital ad tech and marketing solutions for customers.

News Corp has a very clear and compelling vision for the future. It wants to provide our subscribers, our consumers, with the best, the most compelling, the most timely content, and to provide our advertisers with unparalleled reach to consumers globally to market their products and services.

In 2013, the technology stack we had was a little bit of a mixed bag. We certainly had pockets of excellence in the digital platforms and products, but if I think about our enterprise technology, it was inefficient, it was outdated, it was unreliable. So what we wanted to do was to provide each business user, each team, each business unit with the best collaboration tools, but also make sure that all of the business units were on a common platform so that they could collaborate across business unit lines and also with external customers.

Ramin Beheshti:  So then the first thing that we tried to do with Okta was get every employee using it. That means putting kind of critical business applications onto Okta, which is exactly what we've done and we've done that across every single business unit. So now, every employee uses Okta on a frequent basis to access the applications that they need to do their job.

Dominic Shine:  As we've rolled out Okta across all of our business units, what we've found is that we have a small set of applications that everyone provides for Okta. But then really interestingly, each business has deployed additional applications that maybe very specific to their context so that we've got the best of both worlds. We've got a consistent set of applications going through Okta, but people finding more and more interesting ways of providing access to their specific business applications through the Okta Interface.

Ramin Beheshti:  We needed something that kind of had us close to 100% uptime. Having an application not be accessible because a single sign-on didn't work is not really acceptable to us as a business or as business users.

Dominic Shine:  What we've really noticed is with implementation of Okta, it's much faster and easier to rollout additional tools, additional apps to the business users. What that means is that our teams can do more with less. We can make the teams more efficient and we can increase the velocity of the transformation we're driving.

Ramin Beheshti:  There's very few times in IT when you come across a silver bullet, and the fact that you can solve usability and security concerns with one solution, and actually it does everything that they told you it was going to do when you were thinking of selecting it, that's been really the kind of key benefit is what Okta promised is what they actually delivered.

Over 25,000 employees at News Corp needed a better identity management system to access the large variety of apps each business unit uses on a daily basis. In the different technologies they were using in 2013 were some really excellent products, but their enterprise technology was clearly outdated. Okta was their silver bullet. News Corp started by implementing the most critical apps to get everyone on the system, and then began rolling out the more specialised apps. Okta not only promised to solve their problems with Single Sign-On but they actually delivered.