Okta for Global 2000: Agile Identity for the world's largest public companies

For the companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list, change is more than just a given. It’s an imperative. 

For these massive global organisations, high-stakes moments like mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, expansions, and restructuring all drive growth and innovation. They also present sizable challenges that leave executives asking, “How can I ensure all this complexity doesn’t sink our strategy?” 

The answer is agile Identity. At its core, agile Identity is marrying a company’s critical need to define who has access to which systems (and to what degree) with a scalable organisational structure that flexes, bends, and grows as business requirements and strategies change. 

Enter Okta for Global 2000, an agile Identity solution designed to help the world’s largest companies reduce complexity and increase the ability to respond to market changes through flexible deployment models, broad and deep automation, and real-time reporting across the organisation. 

More on Okta for Global 2000 key features and functionality: 

  • Flexible user management: Okta’s hub-and-spoke architecture lets organisations choose a user management model that meets their needs— whether it's centralising all users and resources, decentralising control, or landing somewhere in between with a hybrid solution.
  • Automated identity actions across tenants: Joining, leaving, moving — people in complex companies are constantly on the go. Okta makes it easy for IT teams to automate lifecycle management actions at scale.
  • Delegated control and autonomy: Large enterprises can centralise and provision shared resources across subsidiaries while also delegating control to those subsidiaries to manage their own users and resources — all without losing visibility.

“With a flexible Identity platform at the heart of everything, complex companies can keep all those resources accessible and secure, even as their business needs evolve,” says Alvina Antar, Okta’s Chief Information Officer. “So they are able to drive better operational efficiency and stronger security, all with the same approach. It's a win-win.”

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