Spectra Alliance

A seamless, integrated solution to securely enable the “new normal” of remote work at scale

The Challenge

  • Two thirds of all employees are currently working remotely, and two out of five companies expect to support remote work over the long term*
  • Enterprises need to move quickly to provide safe and simple access to enterprise apps and data anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Employees need additional cybersecurity education: One third of all sensitive or proprietary data movement between cloud apps is currently unprotected**
  • Enterprises need a solution to support business agility, reduce complexity, dispel uncertainty, and reduce risk

* Digital Pulse CORONAVIRUS FLASH SURVEY MARCH 2020, 451 Research
** Netskope Data Threat Labs

The Solution

Spectra Alliance creates a first-of-its-kind integrated solution that securely enables remote work at scale, keeping your workforce productive while maintaining business continuity and supporting uninterrupted compliance by protecting data no matter where it is or goes. These four best-of-breed solutions work seamlessly together to establish a Zero Trust security posture, provide enterprise teams with centralised, fine-grained access management, repel and remediate internal and external threats, and provide a frictionless user experience for your remote and on-premises workforce, regardless of application, device, or location.

Spectra Alliance makes remote work as simple and secure as on-premises work

Layered Defence in Breadth and Depth

Layered defense in breadth and depth.

Integrated Solution Benefits

Simplify and Scale Remote Access

The integrated solution replaces notoriously frustrating legacy VPNs with a modern, secure, application-specific process founded on Zero Trust, dramatically simplifying secure remote network access for employees, contractors, and other authorised users.

Dispel End-User Confusion and Enhance the Access Experience

End users use intuitive Single Sign-On (secured by Multi-Factor Authentication) to quickly and reliably access all the assets they need from any device, so they don’t waste time and aren’t tempted to share passwords or otherwise circumvent security and compliance protocols.

Repel Today’s Sophisticated Attacks

Detect, analyse, and block modern advanced threats like ransomware before they breach your infrastructure. Leverage actionable threat forensics, threat hunting, enhanced phishing and malware protection, and cloud-scale artificial intelligence (AI) to defend against potentially malicious links, cloud-enabled threats, and provide real-time protection across the enterprise, including additional protection for highly privileged (and highly-targeted) users.

Centralise Access Control and Enhance Endpoint and Cloud Security

Provide 360° visibility into user activity to identify cloud and web access and data movement. Effectively automate provisioning and deprovisioning with fine-grained access control policies across users, apps, instances, activities, devices and more. Strong endpoint security merges seamlessly with powerful cloud security to exchange threat intelligence and help enterprises identify and mitigate insider threats like data exfiltration.

Enhance Web and Cloud Security and Add Layered Data Protection

Gain complete visibility into user activity on the web and across thousands of cloud apps and services, whether managed and unmanaged by IT. Centrally enforce your workforce’s web use and application access based on URL, cloud risk rating, device risk ratings, user/location, and more, to enforce acceptable use policies. Provide additional layers of data protection through exact matching, fingerprinting, optical character recognition (OCR), and machine-learning-enabled document and image scanning.

CrowdStrike + Netskope + Okta + Proofpoint

Together, these four best-of-breed tools give enterprises a unified, proactive, continuously evolving security solution that scales easily. This proactive approach to defense supports business continuity by enhancing security while enabling a remote workforce to stay productive: safely enabling their personal devices and access to unmanaged apps and streamlining their sign in and workflows, reducing the temptation to violate security protocols, compliance mandates, or corporate policies to get their jobs done.