Okta Insights: Accelerating Zero Trust Maturity

After the headlong rush to secure remote workforces at the start of the pandemic, trends have become a lot clearer in Identity and Access Management (IAM). However, the urgency to achieve Zero Trust maturity has not waned. Threats continue to escalate in number and sophistication. While at the same time, new opportunities to sustain the organisation, including enhanced customer relationships, are evolving very rapidly.

Now is the time for a heads-up look at what is coming in the next phase.

  • Harness the global insight of Forrester with guest speaker, industry-leading analyst, Sean Ryan, Senior Analyst, Security and Risk, Forrester, to review the implications of their latest research
  • Share the latest issues and thinking around Zero Trust with globally recognised expert Ben King, Regional CSO, Okta
  • Okta explores a customer case study for a real-world understanding of the issues and opportunities on the journey to best-practice IAM

Watch our on-demand webinar for timely, relevant, and actionable insight into: 

  • How you are tracking on your Zero Trust journey in relation to your industry.
  • What are the next critical challenges to prepare for?
  • What are the new opportunities to set yourself up for now?
  • How to ensure your Zero Trust roadmap is the right one?

Watch the Webinar

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