The CIO’s Guide to Identity-Driven Innovation

The world has become more digital, mobile and cloud-based, user expectations soared with forward-thinking IT organisations seeing that providing secure, frictionless, and relevant experiences is no longer a nice-to-have or even a competitive advantage for that matter. Top-notch digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees are now table stakes for any business.

As CIOs look for innovative ways to help their companies jump-start growth, IT organisations play a crucial role in building customer trust. They are increasingly accountable for more than just keeping the back-office lights on. They're now strategic enablers of the front office, tasked with finding new ways to empower the people they serve and generate business value.

Modern platforms like the Okta Identity Cloud elevate IT's value by mitigating risk while driving innovation across your cloud, on-premises, or hybrid enterprise IT landscape. 

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  • The end of "Business as Usual" IT
  • Four ways identity can fortify your business
  • Looking ahead: How modern identity will propel innovation and growth
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