Identity and Lifecycle Management

More efficient identity management is better for everyone – employers, employees, and the bottom line

Increasingly, companies work with independent contractors, partners, and flexible or contingent workers who depend on a BYOD environment. They may work irregular hours, and their roles, responsibilities, and tools change constantly as they’re onboarded, transferred, promoted, and offboarded. 

According to a recent report from IDG Research, 91% of IT managers view identity management as key for the modern company looking to bolster efficiency, generate new revenue, remain competitive and strengthen security. 

As your company scales, move from manual provisioning to automated, policy-driven, contextual access management. Not only does this give IT a centralised view into who has access to what, it also allows you to set up automated self-service provisioning based on your HR system, immediate deactivation when HR terminates an employee, and group rules for attribute-based app assignments that allow you to assign and revoke licenses.