Acxiom transforms marketing. Okta helps keep data secure and productivity high.



Pablo: Acxiom is an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company. Every week, Acxiom powers more than a trillion transactions that enable better results for 7,000 global customers.The trend that we're seeing with our associates is they're bringing their own applications into work, and they're expecting work to provide them safe, and secure, and agile versatile way of doing the transactions with our partners. At this point in time, our vision is to give them, enable them to better do their jobs everyday. Most of the research that I did leading up to our decision to go with Okta had to do with adoption of Cloud that we're seeing in the workforce. Making a decision to go with Okta was not a difficult one. We did a proof of concept with them, we call it "references." The Magic Quadrant being published, really just verify our own findings. Based on those findings and an analyst call with the author, Greg Christman, it just validated our decision to go with Okta. One of the challenges that we had was so many people had duplicate credentials across multiple active directories. Now with Okta, that identity has been virtualised into one platform and we can track it better. We can make the onboarding in the termination process a lot easier. One of my favourite features is delegated administration of applications. We had business partners around the company that are managing access to their own applications without having to involve us. Not only that, but they can provision their own instances without having to call us, and they can de-provision them if needed. Everything is done in a delegated manner. Our associates are loving Okta, they're logging in to the HTM system almost everyday to find associates in the company, and is a very seamless process. They are loving the portal and they are just asking us to onboard more and more applications. It's not just our users as our end users, but also our administrators. The administration page is very much wake up and use, intuitive and also in the infrastructure. Building the infrastructure to support Okta is very easy, it is done in the morning and is elegant. Again, those are things are hard to do, but you can tell that that elegance is built into not only the product, the service that we get, and also in the solution itself. 

Being an enterprise data analytics and SaaS company powering trillions of transactions around the world, security and seamless access is a top priority for Acxiom. Whether the various apps their associates use or the vast amount of credentials across multiple ADs, maintaining a company such as theirs is an incredibly complicated feat. Okta’s cloud technology and identity management solutions helps pull some of the weight off their shoulders, as well as that of their clients.