Culture Amp



Ryan Ansley: Culture Amp is an employee feedback platform. We make it easy for you to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback. Being a global organisation, we utilise cloud technologies and SaaS technologies very heavily to allow our workforce to accomplish their jobs in a safe, secure way around the world, regardless of their location.

Ryan Ansley: My vision of IT and the way I think it should serve an organisation is as a tool for enablement. SaaS applications and cloud-based applications are really the way to do that. Being an organisation that one of our key values is trusting others to make decisions, being able to have a system on the backend that empowers people to make those kinds of decisions in a way that still allows us to maintain our commitments to our customers and the security of our platform and product is crucial. That happens really only as a result of Zylo and Okta together.

Ryan Ansley: Zylo allows us to discover the applications, track utilisation, and Okta allows us to secure those applications and deploy them out to our users in a way that is low friction. I could immediately see the value in discovering applications and finding things that are out there, really understanding your landscape and making sure that you're spending your money effectively and getting the most return on it with utilisation.

Ryan Ansley: The utilisation data that we find in Zylo allows us to see which applications are being used by people in Okta. When people click on information in Okta and they log into an application, that's tracked in Zylo. So we can see, okay, we've deployed this piece of software, we made this investment, this commitment of a certain seat count, we can see whether or not it's being used. If it's being underutilised, we're able to bring back some of those licenses and adjust to a level that we're using.

Ryan Ansley: I'm really excited to continue to leverage our SaaS applications and leverage the discovery of new applications that may be entering into the market, and using Zylo to capture those as people have them there. I'm excited for a lot of the future that Okta has about securing applications and really moving towards a more BYOD environment where we can. Technology is moving in a direction away from thick clients and moving towards thin clients, and being able to have tools like Zylo and Okta to accomplish that is really, really exciting.

Culture Amp is the world’s leading platform for employee feedback and analytics. In order to help organizations establish work environments that are as efficient, creative, and productive as possible, they turned to Zylo to discover new apps and Okta to deploy them securely.