Quotient technology creates a seamless customer experience with Okta



Palminder Singh: Every year Quotient helps millions of shoppers save money on groceries and household items. We are able to do that because we work with almost every major retailer in the United States. The way we are able to do that is we deliver the right coupon or the ad message to the right shopper at the right time. We know what they've done in the past and we can target and personalise the experiences for our shoppers.

Palminder Singh: We want it to be as seamless as possible for our clients who work with us. We are talking the clients that are not as adapted to technology, so the only way to make them come to us and have this delightful experience is making it simple for them, easy to understand.

Palminder Singh: The legacy solution that we had was basically very focused on a particular product. We wanted to win our customers, so we built it quick and what happened with that situation is we had these siloed products that we just had no seamless or unified experience across all of them. And many a times we have the same customers who would come and log into different verticals. We have anywhere, when I came in, 15, 20 different products that we wanted to roll into one big product. So the Identity powers what these products are being rolled out to customers. We use Identity to ensure that our business clients have all the tools and services and product to build this right offers. With Okta we were able to build this beautiful landing page. You come in, you see all your products, you know who you are, there's a profile, there's a user help, they come in in one place, they get everything they need. And without having to log in different places, they're able to navigate with all the things they need to do.

Palminder Singh: The feedback that the user are giving us, it's a lot more easier to manage or work with Quotient because they don't have to worry about log in again and again, one time log in and they just navigate around.

Palminder Singh: So the people in our company, they have not been exposed as much to what we have done with Okta until this point. They only thought of Okta as what they're using internally to log into various applications they need day to day. It's kind of an eye opening for them, the power that we have to create these delightful experiences internally and externally.

Major retailers like Walgreens and Target rely on Quotient’s selection of 15+ marketing products to help them reach the right customers at the right time. Okta helps pull those products together, creating a seamless experience for users, and a safe, secure environment for everyone involved. By placing Okta at the core of its infrastructure, Quotient is now able to forge ahead into a fully flexible future. Learn more.