Bharat Patel:  We offer the technologies that run 70 markets globally, in about 50 countries. First and foremost, for Nasdaq, data privacy and securing the data is paramount. Whenever we look at a service like a cloud service, our first focus is going to be, can we protect that data. We've got to deliver a lot of corporate services, no matter where the people are, and it's got to just work. It's got to be simple, and it has to be something that people will immediately use.

When you think about the markets that are run today, latency is not tolerable. Having the ability to make a decision right away is very important. It's usually in the area of, give me the data, give me the analysis, give me the information I need to make the next step. Our business is based on, what's the next step, how do we get to the thing that is going to drive satisfaction to our customers or help the customer with what they're trying to do.

Our appetite to continually explore and adopt and deploy new technology is bigger than ever. The good part about this is that the world outside that used to be insulated from us is actually available to us because we have a strong partnership, a partnership with Okta, with identity. We're still hungry as ever, and I don't think we're going to be shy of adopting some of these new capabilities that come along.

What is so unique about when we started looking at Okta was how seamless the components were coupled together. From a user standpoint, they would never see the fact that there's security behind this that's protecting their credentials and their identity. Your ability to integrate so many different providers out there to where we don't have to worry about a new provider with a new service. Your module plugs in, we enable it with our internal credentials, we're on our way. The fact that it is all being coupled together with mobile, it resonates with us. We like the fact that we're going to be partnering with Okta, that's going to take us along with them, really.

Nasdaq offers technology that runs in 17 markets globally in about 50 countries. Data privacy and securing data is paramount for the stock exchange company, especially when it comes to cloud services. In today’s markets, latency isn’t tolerable – people have to make the right decisions right way, and they need the data to do that. This is why Nasdaq partnered with Okta. All of their components and modules plug into Okta seamlessly so they can enable credentials and send users on their way.