Chris Sanchez:  I work in DevOps IT at KCura which is a e-discovery software company based out of Chicago. Our software relativity is really making sure that lawyers have the information they need when they're ready to go to litigation. Technology's big for us because we have so much infrastructure, so many apps that people need to access that we need a way to handle that technology. Identity management's important because we need to make sure that we're securing the access to the certain apps, access to certain data. With all the tools that we have, that'd become super cumbersome.

Ron Fischer:  My vision for an identity and mobile management solution is having a seamless experience. Also, we're looking at it from the security standpoint. We want to make sure that when someone left KCura, we could easily remove their access to external and internal apps. Today, we realize that as we get into more heavily regulated industries, as we offer new product, securities going to be more and more on the forefront of our client's questions. We really need to ramp up our game.

Chris Sanchez:  We really use Okta to allow us to provision and manage access to the almost 300 apps that we use on a daily basis. It allows us to easily be able to manage those provisioning by giving just certain access to certain groups, smaller groups, instead of doing individual access which would be a lot to manage from an IT side. At KCura, mobility's huge. We provision an iPad for every new employee. We have a lot of BYOD. We have lots of laptops in our infrastructure. To be able to sort of have a way to manage that is huge for IT so there's a lot of value in having that sort of integrated data and mobility solution. We saw user adoption was huge right out of the gate because people would just loved there desktop experience so much that they were happy to carry it over to mobile.

It allows us to sort of not worry about where our data's going because we know it's going to be managed within the applications that are being managed by Okta, not just on the desktop but also on mobile.

Ron Fischer:  We measure success with Okta a number of ways. We've gone through and done an ROI calculation of the amount of time saved. We're saving many, many hours to the tune of over like a $100,000 a year in productivity costs.

Chris Sanchez:  It allows our sales people to do their jobs, our engineers to do their jobs, and that grows KCura. It makes our business stronger.

E-discovery companies like kCura deal with a vast amount of devices everyday, whether it's company desktops or BYOD. This is already on top of the 300 apps employees need to use as well. Luckily, Okta Identity & Access Management provided them with streamlined yet secure user access experience that they needed.