99.99% Uptime For Every Customer

Identity has become a cornerstone of our digital lives, whether it’s through technology adoption at work, personal app usage at home, or anywhere in between. The fundamental role of identity manifests through nearly every person who connects to the internet, as each app, service, or tool needs to identify exactly who the user is.

Reliable access for customers and employees

As customers, the hallmark of a great customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution is that it offers you a seamless way to register, log in, and purchase items from organisations like Amazon on any device, while protecting you from bad actors that want to take over your account. As employees, great identity and access management (IAM) enables you to log in to your work apps like O365, Workday, and Zoom with one click from anywhere in the world. Foundational to both experiences is that the IAM solution works every single time you need it. This has only become more important during a global pandemic, as most customer services move from brick and mortar to digital channels, and employees adapt to working from home.

In this new environment, access has become mission-critical. That is why I’m very proud to announce that Okta will now deliver 99.99% uptime to every customer around the world, whether you are using our free developer edition or are an enterprise customer—all at no additional cost.

How does 99.99% change the landscape of IAM reliability?

99.99% uptime means 52 minutes and 35 seconds of allowed downtime per year, whereas 99.9% uptime means 8 hours, 45 minutes and 56 seconds of allowed downtime per year. This difference continues to increase when you factor in that some identity providers allow for more than 30 minutes of maintenance per week—upwards of 34 hours of downtime per year! What would it mean for your business if your most loyal customers were unable to access your products and services during that time period?

Through our highly available cloud architecture and unwavering focus on reliability, Okta has already achieved greater than 99.99% uptime since 2017. We do this while deploying over 48 releases per year with zero planned downtime, as the Okta service never shuts down for maintenance.

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Okta’s approach brings a sea of change compared to on-premises identity platforms of the past, cloud identity platforms that have not invested similarly, or build-it-yourself solutions. On-premise platforms and build-it-yourself solutions are expensive, time consuming to set up, and difficult to maintain. These platforms are deployed per company, and the onus for reliability is typically on that individual business. Often, cloud identity solutions inherit reliability from their infrastructure providers without fully understanding that additional capabilities need to be built to handle the complex nuances of identity. Okta has built a global, scalable, reliable, and redundant cloud architecture that makes 99.99% uptime a reality, and makes identity one of the most reliable components of the modern technology stack.

If you’d like to learn more about Okta’s historical uptime, please visit: trust.okta.com.