Okta joins the CNCF to shape the future of cloud computing

We're thrilled to announce that Okta, the leading independent Identity partner, is now a proud member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This partnership marks a step forward in our commitment to the ever-evolving world of cloud-native technologies and reaffirms our dedication to providing secure and seamless Identity and Access Management for the modern digital landscape.

CNCF is at the centre of innovation in the cloud-native ecosystem, fostering an open and collaborative environment for the development and adoption of cloud-native technologies. With a large and striving community of over 700 members, the CNCF plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of cloud computing. It’s the organisation behind some of the industry’s most influential open-source projects, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy.

Okta benefits from the robustness of several CNCF projects and its operational model, which is independent of underlying infrastructure. Okta uses projects like Kubernetes, Containerd, Fluentd, Argos, FluentBit, Helm, Jaeger, Prometheus, Grpc, and Open Telemetry for several of its Identity products.

In June 2022, Okta made a commitment to the cloud-native space by donating OpenFGA to the CNCF. OpenFGA is a flexible authorisation system, designed for reliability and low latency at scale. OpenFGA is at the core of Okta Fine Grained Authorisation, a product we announced at Oktane 2023. Several organisations — including other players in the cloud-native ecosystem, like Canonical — have already adopted OpenFGA.

“Having open-source projects that are widely used by developers is crucial to our mission to make cloud-native computing ubiquitous,”Chris Aniszczyk, chief technology officer of CNCF, says. “Okta’s contribution of the OpenFGA project to the CNCF sandbox underscores their dedication to this goal. We look forward to working together to forge a more collaborative, secure and connected cloud ecosystem.” 

Our journey as a CNCF member is just beginning. On November 6, OpenFGA team opened a kiosk in the Project Pavillion at KubeCon North America, and they will be there until November 9. Okta’s Maria Ines Parnisari and Andres Aguiar delivered a talk there on modernising authorisation for cloud-native applications with OpenFGA. 

We’re excited to embark on this path of collaboration, innovation, and shared growth. Together with the CNCF community, we aim to drive progress and help shape the future of cloud-native technology.

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