Okta Privileged Access and simplified developer experiences: The latest in Okta product capabilities

Welcome back to Okta’s Quarterly Release Overview! 2023 has come to an end, and we’re excited to showcase all of our Q4 innovations from October–December. Dive into the latest capabilities, including Okta Privileged Access (OPA), heightened security with phishing-resistant capabilities, and powerful integrations to extend Okta Identity processes and modernise user experiences. 

What’s new with the Workforce Identity Cloud 

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With a new wave of innovation and technology advancements in the security and IT space, it has never been more important for organizations to protect their most critical assets and safeguard their data against potential threats. 

Imagine having a single pane of glass that grants comprehensive control over all your security services. Well, with OPA, available in GA now, we make this a reality. OPA provides unified access and governance for privileged resources — whether on-prem or cloud — and increases visibility, compliance, and security without compromising user experience. With a robust suite of features, you can fortify your defences and safeguard your data against potential threats. 

OPA empowers your IT and security teams to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access, streamline your security operations, and support compliance with regulatory requirements. In an era where digital threats loom large, enhancing risk reduction and the integrity of your organisation's critical resources is paramount.

With a rich set of features designed to meet the dynamic challenges of modern cybersecurity, our privileged access management solution acts like a single pane of glass that grants comprehensive controls for your security services. For example, Just-in-time (JIT) infrastructure access ensures users have access to systems and resources for the shortest time necessary, minimising the window of vulnerability and enhancing overall security. Another key feature of OPA is Secrets management, which securely stores and manages sensitive information such as API keys, passwords, and encryption keys, and our secrets vaulting safeguards critical data from unauthorised access. Learn more about OPA in the GA announcement

In addition to OPA, we are also excited to announce other new products to Workforce Identity Cloud like Okta Device Access, which includes  Desktop MFA for Windows, which is generally available, and Desktop MFA for macOS, which is available in limited early access, to enforce an additional layer of security with MFA on top of a credential login at the desktop unlock screen.

What’s new with the Customer Identity Cloud 

Common approaches to Customer Identity quickly create data silos and bottlenecks, with “build-it-yourself” tooling, point solutions, and having to build on top of legacy Identity systems. Customers today want to be more agile while also protecting against fraud and security risks, and these goals all begin with Identity — the only piece of technology that is integrated across an entire technology stack.

We’re all familiar with resetting a forgotten password. Unfortunately, this is a common attack vector that bad actors can exploit to compromise user accounts. Now with Password Reset Extensibility Point in GA, Okta provides higher levels of assurance in the password recovery process by adding an MFA challenge to the password reset flow. Customers can perform this action using an out-of-the-box option or a marketplace partner. As a result,  businesses can protect their users against serious threats like account takeovers. 

We’re also excited to announce another tool for deeper security at login, with the ability to customise MFA selection in new Universal Login. Customers can leverage this within Actions, our extensibility platform, by using a post-login Action to define the second factor based on predetermined logic, contextual signals, or app attributes.

These capabilities are only the beginning. To see the full set of product capabilities that enable both secure and seamless experiences, please visit our Product Release Overview hub.

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