Okta Workflows for Lifecycle Management

Automate complex identity-centric processes without code for mover, joiner and leaver processes

Okta Workflows makes automating business processes — like deprovisioning a user and transferring their files or nudging inactive customers to take action — simple. Use our library of connectors that includes Box, Slack, Salesforce, Marketo, OneTrust and more, or call APIs to customise your workflow.


Workflows Example


Easily create workflows that run from left to right. In this example, every time a user is created, Okta creates a Salesforce record and sends a custom notification to a Slack channel.

Take granular actions during onboarding and offboarding

Add user roles and permissions during account creation, or convert licenses from paid to free after account deactivation.

Grant access to apps and content

Create a personal Box folder for a newly provisioned employee and add them to Slack rooms relevant to their role and function.

Revoke access at the right time

If a user is inactive for 30 days, send an email warning. If there’s no activity within a specific time period, deactivate the account.

Nudge the right people to act

Notify managers, IT, or app owners after an account is deprovisioned or if an error occurs, so they can take further action.

Onboarding and offboarding actions

Define identity processes based on time and context

Grant provisional access, pause processes, or make actions dependent on specific attributes, such as role, country of residence, or team membership.

Allow conditional access

Only grant access after checking a third-party system to see if a user has the correct set of permissions.

Give granular permissions

Revoke access to core business applications and files, while maintaining access to other services, like payroll information.

Grant time-bound access

Create an account and grant access for a contractor for 90 days, and then cut off all access and delete the account.

Kick off business processes

Resolve identity creation conflicts

Catch and fix conflicts during identity creation, such as duplicate usernames or emails.

Clean up messiness during account creation

Create unique identities and resolve user attribute conflicts during creation and import processes.

Simplify email address creation at scale

Automatically create valid email addresses for users with identical names and strip unsupported characters, like accents.

Resolve identity creation conflicts

Distill and share important data quickly

Automatically create tables based on changes in user lifecycle states, and then share them across your organisation on a regular schedule.

Share data quickly
Send critical data to the right team

Automatically create a table of deactivated contractors and email it to the compliance team on the first of every month.

Regularly call out to a third-party system

Get a weekly report of all users who have not signed into a specific app in the last month.

Replace custom code and customise business logic

Spend more time writing code that matters to your organisation by replacing lines of code with workflows and creating app connections to your unique business.

Replace custom code with a workflow

Use a workflow to automate lines of code you’d rather not write, such as lightweight data transformation or filtering.

Customise Workflows to your business

Extend our library of connectors by connecting to public APIs, custom internal apps, and making raw HTTP requests.

Workflows - Replace custom code

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