Privileged Access Management

Confidently provide secure, privileged access for authorised accounts, and gain granular visibility into account activity.

The Challenge

  • Good governance mandates that sensitive data be accessible only by a privileged account
  • These privileged accounts are often shared with multiple authorised users
  • External attackers and malicious insiders often target these accounts in an attempt to seize the “keys to the IT kingdom”
  • Protecting privileged accounts without unduly burdening authorised users managing multiple accounts is an ongoing challenge

The Solution

Okta works with Privileged Access Management (PAM) partners to provide secure, user-friendly authentication and account provisioning.

  • Centralise identity through Okta to confidently verify and authenticate users for privileged-account access via SSO and MFA
  • Customisable and adaptive access policies reduce the verification burden on authorised individuals  
  • Reduce the attack surface area with automatic privileged account provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Real-time access event reporting and API integrations makes suspicious activity easier to spot

Okta seamlessly integrates with PAM solutions to secure your most sensitive data and accounts

Proactive monitoring

Admins can proactively monitor and centrally control access to privileged credentials, on prem or in the cloud, based on pre-defined policies

Secure access control

Secure access control via SSO reduces identity sprawl and password management risk

Multi-factor authentication

MFA hardens security around sensitive data, thwarting illicit attempts at privileged-account access

Step-up authentication factors

A full range of step-up authentication factor support adds security, extensibility and usability

Automatic provisioning

Organizations can automatically provision/deprovision privileged user and admin accounts, and securely provide direct access to critical assets 

Anomaly detection

Admins can detect, alert, and respond to anomalous activity with deep integrations into Security Analytics solutions

Isolated sessions

Admins can isolate privileged-user sessions to protect targeted critical systems from the spread of malware

Flexibility for admins

Customisable user experience and access flexibility lets admins provide intelligent, contextual access