Okta Privileged Access

Reduce risk with unified access and governance management for on-prem, cloud, or multi-cloud privileged resources with Okta Privileged Access.

Challenges we’re solving

  • User experience is cumbersome and time-consuming, which results in limited adoption
  • A fragmented experience across identity, governance, and privileged access tools leads to a lack of policy enforcement
  • Traditional PAM solutions are not designed to keep up with hybrid IT or cloud-first approaches
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A unified workforce identity solution

How Okta Privileged Access works: 

  • A single control plane for managing access and maintaining governance across all of your applications, resources, and infrastructure
  • Maintain least privilege without relying on fragmented experiences across disparate tools
  • Eliminate the need for traditionally siloed IGA and PAM solutions

Harness the power of identity for highly privileged resources

Converge on a single identity solution

Eliminate disparate systems for Identity Access Management, Privileged Access Management, and Identity Governance & Administration.

Session capture

Gain visibility into all SSH and RDP sessions for managed resources.

Maintain least privilege for highly privileged resources

Secure access and determine the appropriate level of privilege for important resources from one easy-to-use interface.

Integrated governance

Customize access request workflows that must be approved before resource access is granted.

Built-in separation of duties

Security teams can define access policies while allowing IT teams to control infrastructure.

Discover & vault passwords

Scan, import, and securely vault passwords for local privileged accounts to manage backdoor access.


Satisfy compliance requirements with  privileged access reports.

Easy integration

Reduce friction between Security teams and developers by making it easy for developers to onboard resources and securely access privileged resources without disrupting their workflows.

Okta Privileged Access will be available in 2023

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