Okta for Good Nonprofit Technology Initiative

Nonprofits should be as powerful as their missions

At Okta, we believe that nonprofits should be as powerful as their missions. Nonprofit organizations do society’s most critical work — and technology is essential to achieving and accelerating their impact.

The goal of Okta for Good's Nonprofit Technology Initiative is to contribute to a paradigm shift in how nonprofits are funded and enabled to make the digital transition. With this initiative, Okta is deepening our commitment to support urgent community needs by supporting nonprofits with technology and in working through ecosystems, networks and partnerships to do it.

The Nonprofit Technology Initiative forms the foundation of our three-year commitment to invest $10 million out of the Okta for Good Fund.

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Strategic focus areas


Changing the conversation among nonprofit leaders, funders, and technology partners on how we enable and support nonprofits with tech.


Accelerating the nonprofit sector’s move to the cloud.

Digital transformation

Enabling nonprofits to reach beneficiaries and stakeholders digitally at scale.


Protecting the critical data and vulnerable identities that nonprofits hold.


Growing and strengthening the ecosystems, coalitions, and partnerships that enable nonprofit tech.

Racial justice + equity

Exploring the intersection of diversity, equity, inclusion, and technology.

Nonprofit Tech Initiative

Our three-year commitment:

$10 million in philanthropic funding, primarily focused on supporting the technology needs of nonprofits.

An additional $10 million in donations of Okta technology and pro bono services.

Engaging Okta’s entire ecosystems of employees, customers, and partners in this effort.

Grantees + Investments

Become a nonprofit tech advocate

Join Okta for Good in our efforts to drive nonprofit digital transformation.

Leverage your dollars

The best way to support technology is to make your donations unrestricted and multi-year. Even better: flag your donations specifically for technology and the staff to support it.

Deploy your skills

Technologists can bring specialized and needed expertise to nonprofits by volunteering their skills.

Leverage your voice

Ask your favorite nonprofit about how they leverage tech and where they could use more support.


This work cannot happen one nonprofit, funder, or company at a time. We’re proud to partner with cross-sector leaders on several collaborations.


Nonprofit Tech Initiative

The Center for the Digital Nonprofit

Through collaboration, NetHope's Center for the Digital Nonprofit, brings together the expertise of the technology sector with the on-the-ground experience of nonprofits to create a foundation for forward-looking organizations to deliver aid, relieve suffering, and build hope. By providing the expertise, resources, tools, guidance, and grantmaking needed for digital transformation. Okta is a Founding Partner for the Center for the Digital Nonprofit, which launched in 2017.


Impact Cloud is a coalition of 15 technology companies (including Okta) committed to radical collaboration in support of nonprofits. Impact Cloud companies leverage their most valuable resources - people, products, and money - to help nonprofits solve problems.

Full Circle Fund Tech Accelerator

Full Circle Fund's Tech Accelerator is a unique platform, where tech leaders partner with Bay Area tech nonprofits to scale their impact. This partnership includes 22 tech leaders from 11 top Silicon Valley companies, including Okta, who partner to accelerate three nonprofits leveraging tech solutions for social good.

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