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Create a world of IT clarity that benefits workforces and customers with Universal Directory.


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  1. Impeding workforce and customer experiences by siloing identities, creating needless friction
  2. How Universal Directory creates one IT world through a central identity management system
  3. Making shared resources post M&A available to the whole new organisation in a day.
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Okta can help you alleviate the impact that directories have on a modern business, when their proliferation creates difficulties for workforces and customers alike. Universal Directory makes change easy, by joining or consolidating your existing directories to create one world of IT clarity and seamless workforce and customer experiences.


The customer focused pains multiplied by where identity lives

Are your directories driving customers away by hampering a seamless experience? Read our blog to understand how directories can needlessly create friction for customers, causing them to potentially go elsewhere, even if it costs them more.

Thumbnail: The-customer-focused-pains-multiplied-by-where-identity-lives
Thumbnail: The-workforce-focused-pains-multiplied-by-where-identity-lives

The workforce focused pains multiplied by where identity lives

Until now the pains caused by directories have simply been viewed as the cost of doing business. Read our blog to understand how they are a needless drain on IT resources, especially after Mergers & Acquisitions.


Why 3 Companies Moved Away from Active Directory

Read this infographic to see how AD was holding back three Okta customers from reaching their full potential.

Thumbnail: Why-3-Companies-Moved-Away-from-Active-Directory

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