M&A Agility with Okta



Mike Towers:  One of the biggest cultural elements of Allergan is the acquisition. We do heavy acquisition volume. Just in the past 12 months, we've done 13. Okta gives us a consistent way to do cross-company application access in an M&A scenario, quite seamlessly, with the same, and with a consistent control interface, as well.

Dominic Shine:  What we wanted to do was to provide each business user, each team, each business unit with the best collaboration tools, but also, make sure that all of the business units were on a common platform, so that they could collaborate across business unit lines, and, also, with external customers.

Speaker 3:  Often times, when you acquire a company, they will likely use Active Directory as their data store. Okta can easily connect to an AD domain, that's behind a firewall, without needing to establish trust. You simply install an AD agent in that network, and you don't need to make firewall holes, or network changes.

Once installed, you can run an import to bring these existing users, and AD groups into Okta. Once the group is in Okta, you can begin to grant access to applications.

We're not going to assign these new groups to Office 365. Let's scroll down to our Warriors' group. For this group, let's assign Office 365 licenses, and roles. Let's give them Exchange, SharePoint, Office Web Apps, Skype, and some of the On Chrome components, as well.

Now, let's log in as a new user that has come in via the acquisition, Steph Curry. So, now that we're logged in, you can see a notification that I've been assigned all these new Office 365 productivity apps, and you can see the tiles that directly access them.

Here, we're logging into email, which you want to do on your first day. This is the first time I'm logging in, so I'm going to configure a couple of settings, and there we go, I'm in.

Looks like I don't have any mail, yet, but I'm pretty sure that will fill up pretty quickly.

Mergers & Acquisitions can take months to manage and integrate. Okta cuts that time from months to weeks – and maybe even days. Whether information is held in Active Directory or a proprietary system, Okta can access it, integrate it, and grant access with ease. Single Sign-On and Identity Management have never been so easy – even with an M&A.