Okta and OAuth: Better together



Speaker 1: As our digital world expands across more devices, app makers and developers are working to deliver the same secure experience for every user across every touch point. This is a tall order. Sadly, the pursuit of the connected experience leaves security as an afterthought, specifically, managing the access of users between the front end and the API. That's where OAuth comes in.

Speaker 1: OAuth grants access to an API, so users can retrieve the information they should have access to and only that information. Here's another way of thinking about it.

Speaker 1: It's vacation time. You're headed to wine country. Whoa. You pull into your palace/hotel. It's even more palatial than the photos. You head to the front desk. Let's call this an authorisation server. Now it's time to verify who you are and that you've got the cash for this. You give 'em your ID and your credit card. Approved! Now they give you a key card, aka the access token. This token grants you access to the services you're entitled to.

Speaker 1: Maybe you want to get in a quick workout, as long as it's included in your room fee, than great, your token gets you in. Want to head to the 15 thousand dollar per night Presidential suite? No way! Your token won't allow it. Just like a hotel key card, your token is revoked after your stay. Hypothetically, if in the middle of your stay, you actually end up being a malicious guest, IE skinny dipping in the hotel pool, your token can be revoked, aka getting kicked out of the hotel.

Speaker 1: All right, now what? We're telling you about all of this because Okta has created a turnkey solution with API access management, which allows you to extend authentication, authorisation and user management to your API's, covering all your screens on all your devices. Instead of building your own implementation, we've built OAuth as a service that is identity and context aware and gives you a central place to secure your API's because your energy should go into building the app of the future, not drowning in custom code for access policies. Okta, everything you need to develop quickly and safely in one solution.

App developers must now provide seamless experiences across every new digital touch point in the expanding universe of connected devices. OAuth 2.0 is the best way of managing the access of users between front ends and APIs. Instead of taking time away from building a better digital experience because you’re implementing OAuth 2.0, Okta provides OAuth 2.0 as a service in way that is identity and context aware. Watch this video to understand the value of Okta and OAuth.