School of Rock



Sam Dresser: School of Rock is the global leader in music education. We are a franchise business with over 160 locations all over the world, in nine different countries. The people that we're providing support for aren't our own employees. They're small business owners in and of themselves. They run their own small business. We're providing them tools and resources and training. We have to handle that relationship in a way that's a hybrid of kind of a B2B and a B2C set up because our customers are licensing the use of our name, and our trademarks, and our curriculum, and our systems, and our tools, so we have to serve them in a way that's kind of as if there were an end user and as if they were a customer buying our products.

Sam Dresser: Mobile is everything. Everything has to be mobile. All our users are mobile. Everything that we have, every tool that we have, every platform we have has to not just be mobile-friendly, but it really needs to be mobile-first and mobile-complete. We found platforms that allow someone to literally run their school if they wanted to from a tablet or a smartphone.

Sam Dresser: Before Okta was really ...It was the Dark Ages. It was The Wild West. Anything went. We really didn't have a cohesive strategy for user management, identity management. It wasn't something that we were focused on. We basically just asked and pleaded with people to behave in the right way.

Sam Dresser: We just started rolling out Okta Mobility Management to some users at School of Rock and it's been phenomenal. We started using it for security reasons. We wanted to ensure that when employees came and went, that the data didn't leave with them. But what we found was that the end users loved it too because they would come to School of Rock, they would download the Okta Mobility, Okta Mobile app, and their device would be set up for them automatically. They would have access to their email or their calendars, other apps that we provisioned for them.

Sam Dresser: Our School of Rock users love Okta. Our adoption is basically 100%. people use it and they love it. To them, it is their single point of access. I would say that what our users love most about Okta is the convenience in having a single login and a single password, and the fact that it's their starting point. It's how they start their day and how they start their work.

Sam Dresser: From the very beginning, Okta's been a phenomenal partner with us. I feel like they truly understand our business. Moving into Okta has allowed our entire IT staff to move from being ticket solvers that reset passwords and provided access to systems, to business consultants and technology consultants that actually helped our end users to understand how the technology could grow their business and get real problems done.

A music education franchise working with over 160 locations across globe and the small business owners running them, it’s hard to believe that School of Rock initially had no cohesive user or identity management strategy. This is especially for a company that makes mobility for their business owners and end users a top priority for their services. Thanks to Okta’s services like Mobility Management and Single Sign-On, however, the company now has the right instruments they need to let the band play on.