Richard M.: TAL is actually 150 years old in various shapes or form. It began its life in the late 18 hundreds and now it's Australia's leading life insurance company. We're a customer centric organization and we really strive to have a positive experience with every customer engagement. The role with IT, is we really see ourselves as an enabler of the TAL business to achieve its ambitions and purpose.

Richard M.: Like most organizations, we're on a cloud transformation journey, so we focus on delivering a robust and sustainable platform that's intuitive to engage with for everyone who touches it, both staff, customers and our partners. The TAL business invested heavily in developing a Mitel online experience for our customers.

Richard M.: One of the solution we had to develop was a brand new customer Self Service portal. The brand launch was August, 2016. TV ads had been booked and we quite simply couldn't miss a date.

Richard M.: So, we were looking for a technology that could meet our needs, meet it quickly and meet it with a low delivery risk. And so Okta's identity as a service pattern played well for us there.

Richard M.: The Okta API architecture was a real differentiator for us. We wanted to develop our own logon and registration screens, it's a seamless part of the overall TAL web experience, and we felt that customers may struggle to remember a password if they're not logging on regularly. So, we introduced a one-time password verification approach where a customer comes in, they will provide their email address, and then we'll send them a link that they can use to verify their identity each time.

Richard M.: We introduced Okta for our customer Self Service channel first. In the subsequent 18 months we've rolled out the same pattern to half a dozen channels now. What we're looking to do now is move into different identity segments and we'll be looking at how we can make use of the technology, for example, for our staff access and Okta's very strong in terms of managing access to cloud applications, and as our cloud transformation continues, that's going to become more relevant to us as well.

As part of TAL’s major business rebrand, the IT team was tasked with delivering an online customer self-service portal to better engage with customers directly. The team quickly realized they needed an identity solution they could deploy quickly to power the high quality customer registration and login experiences with passwordless authentication.