Private YOU: The Blockchain Episode

YOU, the new podcast presented by Okta, is all about exploring the intersection of technology, humanity and identity. Is there any topic more intersectional of these elements, then, than blockchain? In this third episode, “Blockchain: The Private YOU,” host Claire Evans dives into blockchain, and we’ll hear about how blockchain relates to…

How Okta Protects You Against Identity Attacks

From Okta’s position at the “front door” of many organisations, we tend to see a significant number of authentication-related cyber attacks. This presents a real risk to organisations, especially when exacerbated by poor password habits. As we detailed in our 2019 Businesses at Work report, 40% of survey respondents reported using only 2-4…

What is Federation and Why Should Your Apps Support it?

In the days before widespread use of the web, a user would log into a single server (or a handful of servers) and only have to remember one or two passwords. Applications were assumed to be for a single user, and didn’t require login credentials. Then, as the internet began to gain popularity and applications begin to be run on the web, the number…



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