Okta + Dentsu Aegis Network



Speaker 1: Dentsu Aegis Network is a large organisation globally where we provide advertising and media for a number of different brands that you might recognise. Some of our key partners are Microsoft, Intel and United. We've got over 45 thousand employees in 143 countries globally. Dentsu Aegis network is constantly growing on a digital framework where we've actually got the strategies to go 100% digital by 2020. We're shifting dramatically in how we provide technology to staff, and also our systems around the backend where we're moving completely to the cloud, moving away from our data centers that we have globally, moving directly to the public cloud. We recognise that the tools that we need to use to help us on that journey also need to be cloud first. It's all about empowering staff across the three different regions, giving staff a much more secure experience, but also making it the most consumer focused experience we can, as well.

Speaker 1: My life before Okta was rather difficult to be able to enable staff, and also to be able to replace security. We were looking at how we can shift that to actually look at security from the get go in a very consumer experience. We recognised that Okta is a best of class platform would help us with that journey, as well. Okta, with its cloud first approach, is also very much cloud agnostic. We had a number of different identity tools actually in place. Instead of having multiple different systems, we moved to a single one. The way we rolled out Okta was sort of a testament to Okta itself, where we rolled it out over the course of the weekend, which obviously changing a user's log on experience is quite a critical thing to do. To do it over 45 thousand people over a weekend is a large amount of change.

Speaker 1: However, we managed to do it seamlessly, and we've also managed a layer in MFA on top of that. Originally, we looked at Okta as just applying the ability to have staff access all their applications with security. We've grown on that and making Okta as part of our joiners, movers, leavers workflow, where any new members of the staff will get access to Microsoft Office, and all the other Office Suite that we use and any other of our applications, as well, right from the get go. By integrating the joiners, movers, leavers workflow with Workday and Okta, we've certainly seen it not only be easier for a user on their first day at the office, but then also on their last day. The access gets revoked and we don't need to check that the access has been disabled. It's all seamlessly flowing from when the account's disabled in Workday to, then, in Okta and beyond.

Speaker 1: Okta's very much at the heart of our sort of zero trust vision, recognising that there's no such thing these days as a trusted network. Because of the fact that Okta's MFA is so easy to use and so consumer friendly, we were able to say that there is no such thing as a trusted network and that MFA exists for all staff, regardless of where you are in the world and regardless what device you're using. One of the key things that keeps bringing me back to Okta, seeing that not only are you helping along the journey of just identity and applied security, but also evolving the product to help with that as well.

Dentsu Aegis Network uses Okta's IT tools to create a secure work environment and manage user identities.