Motorists Insurance



Tony DeAngelo: Motorists is a Midwest regional insurance carrier. Motorists has roughly around 1500 associates serving 20,000 agents with 700,000 policy holders. It's very important that we create a seamless experience and a good relationship because that agent, being independent is only going to be as loyal as we are providing good service. As we develop new offerings, as we develop new security standards, it really has to have that whole customer experience focus to it.

Tony DeAngelo: Each agent had an account per company, per line of business. Going forward, we are able to take that identity approach and build what we've kind of coined composite agents where we can collect those multiple lines of business that they have access to under one identity.

Tony DeAngelo: As we started looking through identity solutions, it had to be able to support a hybrid environment. It had to be easy to administrate. It had to be geared towards that customer centric customer experience approach that we're looking for. Our old legacy system was an on prem behemoth. It was just a completely different experience working with Okta. It was much more innovative. It was much more in line with continuous improvement, but it just worked.

Tony DeAngelo: So it really, Okta is one of those tools that really made security an enabler quickly. We were able to drive a lot of speed to market. We were able to integrate applications quickly. We have SailPoint, we have F5. we have MuleSoft. List goes on of multiple integrations that we've been able to do both at the API level and just direct integrations, like with F5.

Tony DeAngelo: Okta became the single sign-on front door, the front customer facing solution. We're able to drive the strength out of every solution through those integrations has really advanced the game for us. Okta has definitely become core to our environment. As we look at new partners, new vendors, new solutions, being able to integrate with Okta and being able to leverage that direction and that seamless experience is very important to us. It's simple, it does what it promises and it delivers. And it really has been the most transformational tool we've had in security that's positioned us to be seen as enablers.

Motorists’ disjointed IT infrastructure with its multiple portals was leaving agents feeling frustrated. The insurance collective streamlined and secured the agent experience with Okta for Customer Identity Access Management with easy-to-adopt, out-of-the-box integrations to support its hybrid environment. Watch the full video.