API Gateway

Unify API access and management to keep apps and data safe

The challenge

Deploy new services and applications that customers and partners can easily access via application programming interfaces (APIs)

Control which users or systems can access APIs

Centralise and streamline API management and reporting

The solution

Okta centralises and manages all user and resource access to an API via authorisation servers and OAuth access tokens, which an API gateway can then use to make allow/deny decisions. This setup allows for fine-grained, centrally-managed control, so you can easily provision and de-provision access to all your APIs.

Lock down your APIs

Together with our partners, Okta can help you securely connect all your apps, devices, and users via APIs. These powerful solutions help you:

  • Secure APIs (even naked APIs) across multiple gateway instances for increased agility
  • Rapidly build, deploy and secure new services
  • Lower total cost of ownership by putting many of your API management functions in the cloud
  • Grant users secure access to APIs, with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication
  • Easily provision and de-provision API access as part of your on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Manage API access policies from one user-friendly console

As the API economy gains momentum, you need to enable secure access to not just to your applications, but to your APIs as well. With our API Gateway partners, Okta extends secure identity and access from the application layer to the API layer.

API Gateway Okta  Diagram

APIs contain highly sensitive business information. And, just as with access to apps, the consequences of getting access to APIs wrong can be significant. It’s critical to implement a scalable, flexible, future-proof solution that enables secure management and access control to your APIs.