B2B Integration

Take the friction out of your customer, partner, and vendor relationships


lower cost to manage third-party user access


faster to establish federation with new business units, customers, or partners


faster time-to-market for integrations requiring IAM

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


athenahealth protects patient data and enhances user experience with Okta

Dignity Health

Dignity Health improves patient experience, enhances trust with Okta


Blackhawk Network

University of Notre Dame

CDO Technologies

Easily connect customer, vendor, and partner identities

More external users, more problems?
Not necessarily.

Seamless connections

Connect seamlessly with customers and partners that have their own identity system or directory with a partner portal integration solution.

Turnkey integration

Get out-of-the-box SaaS integration via the most popular protocols, such as OpenID Connect and SAML, as well as legacy support for turnkey Active Directory and LDAP integration.

Create a centralised,
holistic view for access

Protect your confidential data while onboarding external users with streamlined user management

Unified view

Simplify your B2B identity management with a centralised view of all your users’ identities and access controls. 

With the most comprehensive user repository on the market, you can store, transform, and move attributes between applications. Manage customer and partner identities at scale via APIs or from Okta's user-friendly admin console.

Unified security

From this central view, enhance security across all external identity accounts with MFA. Don’t let your customers, partners, and vendors become easy targets for attackers.

Secure access throughout the
user lifecycle

Your HR and IT teams don’t have the same visibility into external user onboarding and offboarding as they do for employees. But you need to securely provision and deprovision applications for these third parties.

Implement automations with if/then logic to automatically deactivate users when their contract is up and remove users from groups and applications. Easily view application assignments and activity with built-in reporting tools.

Save time and reduce
costs on administrative

Cut down your team’s user management workload

Delegating to customer and partner admins

Delegate administrative tasks to customer and partner administrators to save time. Assign a group administrator to manage a certain group of users and a helpdesk administrator to reset passwords and unlock accounts.

Delegating to end users

With self-service registration, customers and partners can manually onboard themselves if they don’t have an identity source. You can just sit back and relax.

Patients can now access their health information through APIs, pull their data into an app on their phone, and actually aggregate from athenahealth and non-athenahealth practices to see a more complete view of their medical record. The technology’s flexibility enabled us to meet that need.

Lana Cohen

Director of Product Management