Okta Integrations

Take a peek "under the hood" at what powers every Okta integration


Okta provides an open, flexible platform for technology vendors and system integrators to build integrations with. Our collection of 7,000+ integrations built with the Integration Platform Service forms the Okta Integration Network.

Open and flexible platform

Open and flexible platform

Integrates with everything

Supports a wide range of integration patterns you can use to address a multitude of use cases. 


Built with open standards such as OIDC, SAML, SCIM, and RESTful APIs, so integrations are easier for technology vendors to set up and maintain. You can rest assured that integrations will stay up-to-date.

Independent and neutral

Enables any organisation to use any technology. Shows no bias toward integrating with one technology vendor over another.

Integration patterns and use cases

Easy federation using SAML and OIDC

Single sign-on integrations seamlessly authenticate your end users to their web and mobile apps. Inbound federation allows users to sign in from external identity providers, such as Facebook and Google.

Automated user provisioning with SCIM

Provisioning integrations automate the creation and removal of user identities between Okta and third-party service providers, like enterprise SaaS applications.

Advanced integrations with APIs and hooks

Advanced integrations built with Okta APIs and Okta Hooks enable you to export logs to SIEM providers, unify endpoint management, integrate with API gateways, and more.

Okta Integration Network

Check out our catalog of 7,000+ pre-built integrations.

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