The State of Secure Identity 2023

Armed with AI, attackers are compromising customer accounts with ever more force, scale and sophistication. Your login box - both the greeter and gatekeeper for your consumer applications - is their primary point of attack.

Okta’s 2023 State of Secure Identity report gives you the latest insights into the evolving landscape of identity threats, and offers a path forward for growing your business with real customers - while keeping the bots at bay.

Drawing on the analysis of billions of authentications on Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0, this comprehensive report will give you a full understanding of:

  • The trends and methods behind the most common types of identity attacks
  • The role of AI in both creating and deterring identity threats
  • Unique attack patterns by industry, region and company size

Download The State of Secure Identity 2023, and you’ll also learn basic and advanced defensive measures that, when taken together, give you the best chance of resisting identity attacks - both now and for the foreseeable future.

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