Digital Transformation Through the Lens of Identity Management

Both citizen and employee expectations for enhanced usability, ease of access and seamless experiences across multiple platforms have increased. Local governments across Australia are under increasing pressure to evolve their user experience and provide enhanced access to, and management of, their data. At the same time, they face rapidly proliferating threats from ever more sophisticated bad actors in cyberspace.

Local councils hold a wealth of their community’s data including credit card information, health related data, ratepayer information and business and development proposals, and are prime targets for cyber-attacks. Combined with more stringent compliance requirements, local government needs to ensure this information is protected through robust security frameworks, including 24/7 insight into who is accessing their networks and for what purposes.

How can local government align these seemingly at-odds demands? A very effective place to start lies in leveraging the power of modern, intelligent, flexible and scalable IAM. Building the right strategy around IAM can help accelerate digital transformation and provide the proper foundations for protecting data.

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Watch our webinar as we discuss:

  • Overcoming business challenges to provide local government employees with access to information without sacrificing UX to deliver superior citizen service.
  • Delivering engaging user experiences without sacrificing security through IAM.
  • Assessing the tools and capabilities available to support council IAM programs including meeting requirements for the use and management of sensitive information  - Reviewing challenges and opportunities in managing a large volume of complex accounts across multiple SAAS applications, platforms and networks.
  • Discussing real world insights into transformation surrounding both enhanced security and usability for employees and customers across council services.
Digital Transformation Through the Lens of Identity Management

Watch the Webinar

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