Make Customer Identity Flow

Delight your customers with fluent, personalised digital experiences. Free up your developers and accelerate revenue with customer identity and access management (CIAM).


Discover what's driving CIAM adoption in Asia-Pacific today.

Make Customer Identity Flow

Customers today want swift, easy access to digital apps and services. So do third parties like partners, suppliers and contractors. At the same time, they expect every interaction to be private and secure. Make innovation and growth flow with customer identity access management, the foundation for seamless, secure digital experiences


CIAM Matters

86% of businesses in Asia-Pacific say CIAM is important or very important to their business.

Balance Security with a great User Experience

Streamline UX and accelerate revenue
Accelerate revenue and business outcomes

Reduce friction from end user experiences and increase sign-ups, conversions, and retention.

Personalise your offering
More data and insights

Leverage centralised identity data to gather insights into user preferences.

Secure your customers
Reduce security risks

Take advantage of built-in protection to secure customers from the latest threats.

Collaborate seamlessly
Increase productivity without compromising security

Connect and collaborate securely with external partners, suppliers and contractors. 

Stop wasting developers' time
Faster time to market

Focus valuable resources on tasks that matter to accelerate innovation and time to market.

Reduce compliance risk
Reduce compliance risks

Get help with managing your organisation's certification, compliance and data residency requirements, so you're always up to date. 

We needed an identity platform at the height of our cloud ambitions. That's when we discovered Okta Identity Cloud and unlocked a future of unlimited possibility.

Roger Elliott

Senior Manager, Identity and Access Management

Why Okta?

With Okta, your organisation has more choice and can integrate faster with your existing solutions.

Why Okta?

With Okta, your organisation has more choice and can integrate faster with your existing solutions.

Independent and neutral

Avoid vendor lock-in and choose best-of-breed technology for your business.

Easy Integration

Quickly connect your existing applications, with over 7,000 pre-built integrations.

More choice

Consume your CIAM solution from your preferred cloud provider.

Make Customer Identity Flow - Why Okta

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