How Secure is Your VPN?

Operating a corporate VPN solution can be expensive, and sometimes feel like navigating a minefield. With high stakes and a confusing sea of available solutions, mistakes are frequent and costly. Your VPN is a critical layer of defence in your corporate network, and intrusion can have serious consequences. Take the Target and Home Depot breaches…

Is Passwordless Authentication Actually Secure?

Passwords are frustrating. We know they should be unique, but then they’re hard to remember. We know they should be complex, but then they’re even harder to remember and painful to create. Password managers mostly solve the problem for those savvy enough to use them and determined enough to set them up, but for the majority of the population, it’s…

Multi-factor Authentication: Because Phishing Happens

You’re at your desk, neck deep in deadlines (because aren’t we all) and suddenly, a notification appears. You have new mail! At first glance, it looks like the mundane Microsoft service notification email you usually ignore. Then, a moment of panic. What?! They’ve blocked my email?!? I need that! I have important things to do! You scroll quickly…



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