What is Phishing?

In today’s increasingly digital environment, employees and contractors can sign into workplace applications and systems from anywhere with a simple set of credentials. And while this might make things easier for employees and contractors alike, it also puts organisations at heightened risk of a specific form of cybercrime: phishing. Designed to…

Data Privacy Day: 5 Tips to Help Keep your Private Data Private

As new technologies continually integrate themselves deeper into the lives of average consumers, these users increasingly benefit from the enhanced productivity and convenience that these technologies offer. That being said, knowing how to leverage these technologies in a way that optimises personal privacy isn’t always intuitive for the average…

AI Is Changing Security—Here’s How

Cybercriminals have evolved from lone hackers targeting small websites and systems into dangerous entities launching large-scale cyberattacks that affect millions of people worldwide. In recent years, we’ve seen multiple huge ransomware attacks like WannaCry and NotPetya cause hudereds of millions or even billions of dollars in damages and lost…



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