What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

What Is the Domain Name System (DNS)?  The domain name system (DNS) makes it possible for browsers, apps, and servers to load internet resources. Think of it like a phonebook—except instead of associating a person’s name with a phone number, it maps a domain name (e.g., okta.com) to an internet protocol (IP) address that can be understood by…

Security Questions: Best Practices, Examples, and Ideas

Security questions are a common method of identity authentication—one you’ve probably encountered before. When creating an account or signing up for a service online, users will confidentially share the answers to secret questions with a provider.  Typically, these security questions and answers are used for self-service password recovery…

Okta + Auth0: Powering Identity for the Internet

Okta’s vision is to safely enable everyone to use any technology. To achieve this ambitious mission, we’ve been investing heavily in customer identity — enabling organisations to build secure customer experiences — and transitioning from delivering products to building a true platform to address every identity use case. Today, we're taking a…



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