The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing a Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

We know that choosing a Multi-Factor Authentication solution can seem daunting. After all, there are multiple competing providers offering cloud-based identity solutions —how can you determine which one best suits your company’s needs? The following checklist includes three critical questions organisations need to ask when selecting a cloud identity service.

Does the provider have a proven track record?

When it comes to cybersecurity, experience matters. First, it's the muscle that keeps threats at bay. Most CIOs recognise that these threats are increasing, and organisations need to turn to identity management providers who have demonstrated success over time. Second, experience imparts the know-how that allows rapid deployment. Losing time is akin to losing money, so firms attempting cybersecurity upgrades can't afford to halt operations for very long. Experienced identity providers can deploy their systems in hours, not weeks.

Okta has successfully served thousands of customers. That means we've turned thousands of legacy systems into state-of-the-art ones, in each case paying individualised attention and building our muscle for working with the next customer. We've supplied multi-factor authentication solutions to organisations in industries ranging from mass media to global financial services. That's the kind of experience needed to size up any company's legacy identity provisioning and convert it to a modern answer quickly.

Does the provider offer convincing long-run savings?

Business is a numbers game —one under threat of being thrown into chaos by uncertainty, breaches, and mistakes. According to the 2016–2017 IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study by Computer Economics, though IT executives “are finding ways to squeeze out cost savings in order to invest in new technology,” spending on tech budgets may be slowing due to uncertain economic conditions. Meanwhile, breaches can cost companies millions. Finally, headaches and hassles associated with password changes or other aspects of user profiles cause IT personnel to lose time, and therefore dollars, managing the day-to-day challenges of legacy identity systems.

A multi-factor authentication solution saves money by replacing these problems with simplicity and consistency. IT executives need to find a provider who supplies these benefits reliably for customer after customer. Consider Okta's work with customer experience software firm Medallia, whom we saved $800,000 in annual savings thanks to IT efficiencies. Or check out how DocuSign achieved a 325% ROI by partnering with Okta. When an identity provider is showing customers the money reliably, it's time to get on board.

Does the provider integrate all the apps you need?

Benjamin Franklin called humans the tool-using animal, and while biologists might quibble, it's certainly true in business: fixed capital can't sit around idle. Equipment —including software —needs to be put into continuous motion to generate profits. If a giant obstacle impedes workflow, then the business isn't fulfilling its purpose. All this is a fancy way of saying what executives already know: employees need consistent access to the right software tools to get work done. If identity providers limit them to certain apps only, or can't cope with the fact that a business uses a customised proprietary app, then that identity provider will just hold the company back.

Okta's Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication solution not only works with an application network of more than 5,000 apps—we also have teams and capabilities in place to ensure it works with the unique software your company runs. Okta is something that builds on what companies are already using; it enhances. With the ability to securely make use of all the tools in the arsenal, a company relying on authentication through Okta will be well positioned to succeed.

Okta's Multi-Factor Authentication Solution fulfils the checklist

Our company channels the power of the cloud to establish secure connections between technology and users. We help users access applications from any device at any time, all while maintaining strong security protections. That is, in part, the magic of a multi-factor authentication solution. As shown above, we offer the experience, savings, and app ecosystem that organisations need to make the leap and upgrade their identity systems to today's standards.

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