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Protect your customer data with a strong user authentication system

User authentication services that rely on passwords alone are no longer secure. Don’t believe us? Just ask the millions of people whose password is “123456.”

Set strong customer authentication policies

Enable your IT and security admins to dictate strong password and user authentication policies to safeguard your customers’ data.

Reduce account takeover attacks

Easily add a second factor and enforce strong passwords to protect your users against account takeovers. Use multi-factor authentication to provide a higher level of assurance even if a user’s password has been compromised.

Balance security and user experience
for customer-facing apps

Don’t let your security features get in
the way of user experience

Passwordless authentication

The best password is no password. Get rid of passwords in the customer authentication experience using email credential links, factor sequencing, or WebAuthn. Your customers will be psyched to never need a password, and you can rest assured that their data is still protected.

Secure-but-simple factors

Set up Okta’s cloud-based authentication to give your users high-assurance but simple-to-use factors like biometrics and push notifications.