Okta Insights

The power of data to drive positive security outcomes

Okta Insights leverages data from the Okta customer network, admins, and end-users to protect you from identity attacks.

Difficulty in stopping credential stuffing, phishing and other identity attacks

Attackers frequently leverage stolen credentials to find search for insecure authentication end-points.  Blacklisting has limited efficacy from sophisticated attackers and does not stop attacks at the pre-auth level.

Poor security practices and policies lead to security blindspots

Multiple security solutions to enhance their security posture create security and policy complexity leading to security gaps and blind spots for admins, which results in decreased security posture for the organization. 

Attackers targeted the least secure identity link

Identity attacks are hard to detect. Attackers impersonate a legitimate user to enroll or reset a credential or log in from a new or previously unseen device.


ThreatInsight uses attack data from across our network to identify and block malicious login attempts. Okta ThreatInsight helps to protect against automated bots that attempt credential stuffing and many more attack types.

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HealthInsight monitors the configurations of your Okta org and delivers tailored recommendations, based on Okta’s best practices, to improve your security posture.

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Admin Experience Security Health Check II


UserInsight transforms your end-users from targets into first responders, enabling them to report unrecognized account activity which can trigger admin notification and remediation workflows.

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