Endpoint Security and Management

Combine identity with endpoint security & management solutions for robust security, device trust, and a seamless access experience for end users

The challenge with securing device based access

Devices have changed the way we work. Employees want to be productive on any device type, from any platform.

More devices types introduce new challenges in enforcing security and device based access controls.

Each operating system has its own nuances in how security controls can be enforced.

Okta's solution

Okta integrates with endpoint security, detection, and response and endpoint management vendors to ensure users are only accessing corporate resources on secure and compliant devices.

Endpoint Security Access Controls

Key features

Endpoint Security Integrations

Ingest device security posture information from 3rd parties to influence access decisions in Okta. 

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endpoint security integrations III

Device Trust

Ensure that only devices managed by your EMM or MDM vendor can access Okta-managed apps.

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See an example of Device Trust with VmWare Workspace ONE

Limited Access

Use device context to limit in-app actions. Unmanaged devices cannot access sensitive data within apps.

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See an example of Limited Access with Salesforce


Leverage Okta's adaptive authentication capabilities to ensure the highest level of security device-based access to all Okta-managed apps and resources.

Integration partners

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