Okta + VMware

Delivering advanced identity capabilities for the digital workspace

Okta and VMware have a strategic partnership to deliver advanced identity capabilities for the Digital Workspace. By integrating VMware Workspace ONE and the Okta Identity Cloud, our customers can easily and securely move to the cloud, adopt best-of-breed technologies and simplify IT management.

Secure and Delightful Employee Experiences with VMware Workspace ONE and Okta

The Challenge

Organizations today need to empower their employees to work from anywhere, on any device, using the technologies of their choice.

As the proliferation of apps and devices continues, access to data must be granted only after validating the user, device, application and network information.

Organizations must rethink how to approach the protection of data while also delivering a great employee experience.

The Solution

Bringing together Workspace ONE and the Okta Identity Cloud delivers advanced identity and conditional access capabilities powered by device trust. Customers benefit from better choice and flexibility as they enable a central, secure hub to access all the apps, services, integrations and services necessary for a digital workspace.

This partnership will enable product integration and support for customers, including:

Rich contextual access management capabilities to enable intelligent access decisions. Okta’s user-centric access control layer combined with VMware’s device-centric access control layer and intelligence, allows customers to easily manage access to mobile apps, cloud applications, on-premises solutions and data or resources for anyone who interacts with the customer’s technology.

Enhanced user experience and application access by presenting SAML applications that customers have configured in Okta inside of Workspace ONE. This will provide customers choice and increased flexibility, with a seamless, passwordless user experience – delivering consistency and security across the organization.

Customer choice. Okta’s 7,000+ app and IT infrastructure integrations, as well as Okta’s self-service capabilities, will give Workspace ONE customers choice and increased flexibility, empowering employees with a seamless user experience.

Best-in-class customer experience. VMware and Okta experts will be trained and equipped with co-branded interoperability documentation to support customers as they deploy these solutions together. We’ll work hand in hand to deliver consistent and secure user experiences for customers both now and in the future.