Okta + VMware Workspace ONE

Secure and Delightful Employee Experiences with VMware Workspace ONE and Okta

The Challenge

Modern enterprise workers, especially millennials and Generation Z workers who now comprise the largest portion of the workforce want the flexibility to work from anywhere while having access to all their apps across all their devices. Organizations have historically relied on undifferentiated standard IT experiences for workers and workplace technology. This approach poses a number of challenges including:

  • Choice of technology (think Mac vs PC, remote access, smartphone, and tablet) is critical to hiring and retaining the millennial (and beyond!) generation
  • HR and IT silos have increased at a time when Human Resources are becoming an influencer for purchasing decisions to drive the brand promise for prospective employees
  • Employee shadow IT including duplicative tools and apps that create security risk

The Solution

Employees, IT, and HR all need an end-to-end solution to drive work effectiveness and secure access through the lifecycle. Okta and VMware Workspace ONE allow customers to make employees effective from Day 1. Through integration with popular HR apps, Okta can recognize an entry for new users and handle the automated provisioning of new accounts including application accounts and access to correct groups. Following this stage of the users account lifecycle, integration with VMware Workspace ONE can enable device provisioning and ongoing management as well as conditional access to provisioned applications through the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Okta’s Lifecycle Management automatically provisions applications to specific user groups when they join or change roles. Moreover, when an employee or contractor is no longer working at the company Okta will automatically deprovision them from the application.

Enhanced user experience and application access by presenting SAML applications that customers have configured in Okta inside of Workspace ONE.

Contextual access management capabilities powered by Okta’s user-centric access control layer and VMware’s device-centric access control layer.

Okta’s 7,000+ app and IT infrastructure integrations, as well as Okta’s self-service capabilities, give customers choice and employees a seamless user experience.

Okta and VMware Workspace ONE give a best-of-breed approach to deliver what your modern users expect. Throughout an employee’s lifecycle from Day 1 to their last day, Okta and VMWare help manage a seamless experience across any endpoint device, across any cloud or mobile app, and any access environment.

Automating the Device and User Lifecycle

Okta VMWare Workspace One Automation Diagram

See How VMware Workspace ONE and Okta Deliver Winning Employee Experiences

Key Benefits

End-to-end solutions powered by Okta and VMWare help IT and business leadership support their workforces and increase efficiency, while maintaining control and security.

  • Streamlined onboarding process: Okta integrations with HR solutions and over 6000 cloud applications enables companies to leverage a single source of truth to get an employee access to everything they need instantly
  • Immediate Impact: Employees can access devices securely (MFA) and gain access to applications through Workspace ONE starting the first time they log in
  • Get access to any technology from any device: The integrations can enable users to gain secure access to applications from any device by leveraging conditional and contextual access

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