Human Resources Information Systems

Automate onboarding through offboarding by securely connecting HR and IT systems


The challenge

HR needs to share employee data with IT so that it can provision, update, and deprovision users and applications when employees join, move, or leave. Most often, this exchange of data is done manually via email, attachments, or file extracts, creating problems which only get worse as companies grow.

  • Manually onboarding and offboarding employees is inefficient and error prone
  • Slow or incomplete account deprovisioning during offboarding creates security risks
  • Ongoing back-and-forth between HR and IT leads to interdepartamental friction
  • Employees lose productivity waiting for app provisioning and permissions updates

The solution

Okta’s pre-built integrations between IT and HR systems automate the time-intensive, error-prone manual lifecycle management processes. Based on employee data and triggers in HR systems, Okta can automate IT processes like provisioning new users, updating app permissions, syncing employee profile updates across systems, and quickly deprovisioning users. 

HRIS Ecosystem Diagram Cropped

Improve IT productivity

  • Streamline assignments of apps and entitlements with rule-based provisioning
  • Keep user profiles in HR and IT systems in sync—no manual data migration errors

Enhance employee experience

  • Provide day 1 access to apps for new employees - no need to file help desk tickets
  • Enable employee self-service for profile updates and password resets
  • Ensure employees have the right level of permissions when changing roles or teams

Increase security when offboarding employees

  • Instantly deactivate access to all apps based on triggers from the HR system
  • Disable access across devices, including to native mobile apps