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Workforce Identity Cloud: Roadmap & feature releases Webinar

Workforce Identity Cloud: Roadmap & feature releases Webinar

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Workforce Identity Cloud: Roadmap & feature releases Webinar

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Are you ready for NIS2?

The EU's NIS2 Directive is coming soon. Find out what it means for your organisation and how a sound Identity framework can mitigate risk.

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What is NIS2?

The European Union's upcoming NIS2 Directive seeks to enhance cybersecurity across member states. It mandates new requirements on security, auditing, and incident reporting, and will impact a broad spectrum of businesses across Europe. With the new rules due to be incorporated into national law by October 2024, organisations must start preparing now - or face legal and financial repercussions for failing to comply.

New Webinar with Okta and Drata: everything you need to know about NIS2 Compliance.

Up to 10million (euro) or 2% of global annual revenue fine for non-compliance

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How to prepare for NIS2

Get your organisation ready for NIS2 and mitigate the risk of non-compliance with this 7-step checklist.

See the NIS2 checklist

Identity is key to NIS2 compliance

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Mitigate risk

Ensure the right people have the right access to the right resources with robust Identity governance

Strengthen security

Add an extra layer of protection with phishing-resistant Multi_Factor Authentication.

Respond to incidents fast

Track and trace actions, attribute them to the right people, and remediate them swiftly.

Learn more about NIS2

NIS2 and DORA: what are they, and how can Identity help compliance?

Unsure what the NIS2 and DORA mandates mean for your organisation? Gain a clear understanding of the new requirements and see how Identity can help.

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